Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hawaiian Sunset

Beautiful sunset at Hapuna Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.

B/W Wedding Photos

A few black & white wedding photos add a little magic.

Hawaiian Wedding Minister

Conch Shell Blowing
Rev. Jeremiah blows the conch shell.

Hapuna Beach Wedding

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Hapuna Beach has a nice mix of golden sand and black lava. Great scenery for a wedding!

Kona Wedding Minister
 Kona Weddings

Vincente & Julie's Rings

Nice shot of Vincente & Julie's Wedding Rings.

Kona Weddings

Magic Smile

Julie's beautiful smile says it all!
See Julie at: Brides of Hawaii

Happy Couple

Hawaii Destination Weddings
 We love to see your smiles!

Vincente & Julie

Married at Hapuna Beach
Vincente & Julie are married at Hapuna Beach.

Romantic Sunset at Hapuna Beach

Romantic Heart


Some well-wishers came over for a pic with the Newlyweds.

North Shore Weddings

This wedding photo gallery is mainly for the outer islands, but we have some North Shore Oahu photos we'd like to share with you as w...