Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hawaiian Sunset

Beautiful sunset at Hapuna Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.

B/W Wedding Photos

A few black & white wedding photos add a little magic.

Hawaiian Wedding Minister

Conch Shell Blowing
Rev. Jeremiah blows the conch shell.

Hapuna Beach Wedding

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Hapuna Beach has a nice mix of golden sand and black lava. Great scenery for a wedding!

Kona Wedding Minister
 Kona Weddings

Vincente & Julie's Rings

Nice shot of Vincente & Julie's Wedding Rings.

Kona Weddings

Magic Smile

Julie's beautiful smile says it all!
See Julie at: Brides of Hawaii

Happy Couple

Hawaii Destination Weddings
 We love to see your smiles!

Vincente & Julie

Married at Hapuna Beach
Vincente & Julie are married at Hapuna Beach.

Romantic Sunset at Hapuna Beach

Romantic Heart


Some well-wishers came over for a pic with the Newlyweds.

East Oahu Wedding Photography

East Oahu has scenic beaches that rival any in Hawaii. Lanikai Beach in particular. Photographer Robert shoots photos mainly ...