Friday, January 3, 2014

Hapuna Beach Sunset

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Spectacular sunset at Hapuna Beach!

Best Beach on the Big Island

 Hapuna Beach is the best beach on the Big Island,
and just a short distance from all the best hotels in Waikoloa.

Nice Shots!

Love these beautiful shots. The rugged trees at Hapuna Beach add a lot to the photos!

Beach Walk

Big Island Weddings
Love those walks on the beach!

Hawaiian Beach Cove

Beautiful tropical cove at Hapuna Beach. BEST BEACH on the Big Island!

Lots of Fun!

Weddings should be lots of fun! You are what makes your wedding day special.

Erv & Alana Tie the Knot

Beautiful wedding photos for Erv and Alana at Hapuna Beach on the Big Island, thanks to Photographer Glen working his camera magic.

January 3rd Wedding at Hapuna Beach

Bridal Dream Hawaii
Kona Wedding Minister
Rev. Jeremiah performs Erv and Alana's wedding ceremony at Hapuna Beach on Jan. 3rd.

Bride & Groom at Hapuna

Erv & Alana at Hapuna Beach State Park just north of Waikoloa.

North Shore Weddings

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